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Watch what happens when this Gay dance troupe are told no..

Posted on 29 April 2015

We just love the attitude of this magnificent sequin covered dance troupe when they were told they couldn't dance in the parade... - "fuck it, let's do it anyway" 

The new reality TV show known as  ‘Prancing Elites Project’ debuted on Oxygen on the 22nd April this year, the featured dance group describe their style as “like a cheer leading and voguing combined in one with a lot of pelvic thrusting.” 

In the video the dances were told they couldn't participate in the local Alabama prade as it would upset the local families seeing men dancing in leotards (we personally think they looked fabulous!). A short time later you see the police officers warn them they can't dance without a permit, but their fabulousness just couldn't be contained. 

Shortly after preforming their routine the troupe chat to families and kids about tolerance and acceptance. Very heart warming!

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