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How to care for Vinyl clothing

So how do I keep my vinyl and  fetish clothing looking new?

Most of the range we sell is made from vinyl and does require just a small amount of care when washing. Like many other fetish fabrics such as Latex and PVC, Vinyl clothing should be washed after every wear. 

By following the steps and tips below you are guaranteed to extend the life of your favourite fetish gear.


  • Fill a bathtub or bucket with hand warm water (not hot water) and add one or two drops or vinyl clothing cleaner or Wool wash to the water. Wool wash is an ideal cleaner as it doesn't contain any nasty bleach or chemicals that can harm the fabric. Use a liquid soap and not flakes as they will more than likely stock to the fabric and cause long term damage.


  • Gently hand wash your garment making sure you wash the inside and out. Once clean rinse thoroughly in cool water. Do Not Wring! 


  • Once your garment is clear of all soapy residue, hang inside out to dry. Do not hang outdoor in the elements. Keep inside and out of the sun. 


It is most important that you do not put your PVC or Vinyl clothing in the clothes dryer. It will melt! Avoid any heat. 



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